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Let our remodeling specialist cook up a new kitchen from your old one!

Kitchen remodels are the most expensive and time consuming rooms to remodel and yet they are the most popular. A pleasant environment with lots of natural light adds to the ambiance and makes your home feel comfortable. Careful planning of the remodel project is essential to achieving the desired results.

The cost of a full blown kitchen remodel varies dramatically. Moving walls or plumbing or other major structural changes will significantly increase the project cost. As a rule, it is a good idea not to over-remodel your kitchen unless keeping your home is in your long-term plans. Most people can accomplish big things in the kitchen, call Mabry Construction Inc. for ideas.

Every kitchen remodel design should take into consideration the three major work areas:

These three major work areas make up what is commonly referred to as the 'work triangle.' The design should take into consideration room to move, work, and circulate. Ample amount of counters for workspace should be placed around these main activity areas and traffic patterns should not interfere with the triangle. Your perfectly remodeled kitchen should meet your needs and not necessarily be the same as your neighbor's. For everyone ones needs are different and only you know how your family uses this room.

The kitchen has long been regarded as the most important room in the home. The challenge is not to replace, but to create a kitchen remodel that works and makes you proud of your creation while offering complete functionality. Call Mabry Construction, Inc. for ideas.

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